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14 Gestures

‘14 Gestures’

Traces of a personal discipline and form of graphic notation are introduced in the online exhibition ‘14 Gestures’. Works from a series of 58 notations are presented in a virtual viewing room from 29 July to 29 October 2020. Central to Lerkenfeldt’s practice are languages of improvisation and intimacy with technology. The associated recorded work ‘Collagen’ (Shelter Press, 2020) disrupts the role of the common hair comb through gesture and sound.

Read the associated feature in ‘Disclaimer’, a journal for new thinking and writing on sound and listening published by Liquid Architecture.

‘Collagen’ releases in LP / DL format with a limited edition scorebook on Shelter Press (France), August 21st, 2020.

Original works in ink on paper avaialable directly through the artist. Enquire here.

Excerpts from 14 Gestures, 27.9 x 21 cm, Lisa Lerkenfeldt, 2020