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(A Declaration)

is a dialogue, a gesture, an affinity.

The chalk on the wall, 
the sheer tunic and ribcage,
the gioconda kohl,
the collar, lace, wrist and clasp,

A stage direction.

December, 2019

A collaborative release between Vienna Press (AUS) & Vaagner/Vaknar (DE) featuring Amethyst, Summer Rites, Moss Harvest, Ceramic Flowers & Sorim Byeon, Benton Tåge, Lisa Lerkenfeldt, O. Vaupel, Issorine, Korea Undok Group, Burning Pyre & Canadian Rifles, Rosewater, Body Of Intruige & J. Carter, Fortunes Brine, Civilistjàvel!.

Keys To The Fields 38

Artwork by O.R.

Dedicated to Jarrod.

(A Declaration) is and the opening and closing of a circle wrought by two.