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60 minutes of magnetic tape erosion, crumbling textures and distant melodies of a dissolving world. An exercise in inter-species listening, analogue mutations and reciprocal relations as night fades to black. Composed for strings, tape loop variations and manipulations with a single blade of grass. Written and recorded on unceded Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung land during Winter 2020.
Co-presented by Bus Projects, Melbourne to accompany a cassette edition by Archaic Vaults, London, a series of associated drawings with cut grass form part of Bus Projects online program. An evening of stained electronics and interspecies listening at Bus Projects will launch the album followed by selected performances with live visuals by Sarah Byrne (pictured).

Tour Schedule:

02.11.20    Bus Projects, Melbourne, Australia
18.12.20    Melbourne Music Week, Melbourne, Australia  
25.12.20, Sydney, Australia
11.02.21    Colour Club, Melbourne, Australia
21.05.21    OK LÀ, Montreal, Canada
21.05.21    Gray Area, San Francisco, US
21.05.21    Sonosphere, Memphis, US
02.06.21    Institute Of Moden Art, Brisbane, Australia (Distored Realities Workshop)
03.06.21    Institute Of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia