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A Liquor Of Daisies

Endless piano and tape loop variations. A music for three pianos in the advent of isolation. A poem to Xerochrysum Viscosum, an everlasting daisy native to Melbourne, Victoria. A proposal for multiple players and machines. Emblematic of the cyclic dream and trance states of Maya Deren’s, ‘Meshes of the Afternoon’; and the soft pedal work of Harold Budd.   

A Liquor Of Daisies is the prelude of Lisa Lerkenfeldt's forthcoming album Collagen, out summer 2020 on Shelter Press.

Releases June 5, 2020 on Bandcamp with copies on on July 3, 2020. 

Music by Lisa Lerkenfeldt
Mastered by Kassian Troyer @ D&M, Berlin
Design by Bartolomé Sanson
Recorded in Melbourne, 2020.
SP126 Shelter Press
Images Shelter Press / Boomkat

Proceeds from this record go to ALS Aboriginal Legal Services and Common Ground.