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Lisa Lerkenfeldt is an Australian composer and multidisciplinary artist working in sound, gesture and performance. Her practice takes two paths: negotiating an intimacy with technology; and renewing human connection with the natural environment. Drawing from an extensive personal archive of field recordings, electronics and object-based actions, she has published and performed within an international ecology of experimental music including alliances with Shelter Press, Vienna Press, Longform Editions and Archaic Vaults.

Three new releases surfaced in 2020; ‘A Liquor Of Daisies’ (Shelter Press), an endless tape from isolation, ‘Collagen’ (Shelter Press), her debut LP and scorebook, and ‘A Garden Dissolves Into Black Silk’ (Archaic Vaults), a durational experiment in magnetic tape erosion and interspecies listening. Each reveal a dedication to analogue manipulations, field work, the cinematic and long form minimal composition.

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