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2020            A Garden Dissolves Into Black Silk (CS/DL, Album), Archaic Vaults 003, United Kingdom

2020            Collagen (LP, Album, Artbook), Shelter Press SP120, France 

2020            A Liquor Of Daisies (CS/DL, Album), Shelter Press SP126, France

2019             The Speed Of Images (CS, Album), Aught/Void AV055, Canada

2019            A Declaration (2CS, comp), Vienna Press/Vaagner, Keys to the Fields 38, Australia/Germany

2019             29° (Digital, Album), Longform Editions LE035, Australia

2018            The White Madonna (3CS, comp), Vienna Press, Keys to the Fields 26, Australia

2017            The Yellow Book (CS, comp), Vienna Press, Keys to the Fields 15, Australia

2017            Glass Braid (2CS, Album) Vienna Press, Keys to the Fields 10, Australia


2018            Perfume – Beauty Data Pollution (CS, Album), self-released, Australia

2017            Perfume – Perfume (CS, Album) Paradise Daily, Australia


2020        L’affinité Dés Sols, France

2020         Mitamine Lab, Mexico City

2017          Melbourne Fashion Week, Melbourne

Selected Performances

2020             “A Garden Dissolves Into Black Silk”, album launch, Bus Projects, Melbourne

2020             “14 Gestures”, performance video and online viewing room, 14gestures.com, Melbourne

2019             “Perfume” noise performance with Marshstepper, The Tote Hotel, Melbourne

2019             “Liquid Architecture” solo performance with Lucrecia Dalt, Northcote Uniting Church, Melbourne

2019             “An Evening of Musik 7” solo performance curated by John Nixon, Westspace, Melbourne

2019             “An Evening of Long-form Ambient” solo performance with Steam Vent, The Post Office, Melbourne

2019             “Perfume” noise performance with Marco Fusinato, Nighthawks, Melbourne

2019             “Six Worlds Of Touch” solo performance with Glochids, The Burrow, Melbourne

2019            “19th Century Ash” solo performance curated by Vienna Press, Polyester Records, Melbourne

2018            “Perfume” album launch with Knitted Abyss, BODIES, Wet Kiss, The Tote, Melbourne

2018            “Perfume” noise performance, Make It Up Club, Melbourne

2017             “Obsidian Festival” solo performance with Roman Nails, NERVE, Fia Fiell, Howler, Melbourne

2017             “Perfume,” noise performance, Melbourne Fashion Week, Town Hall, Melbourne

2017             “Melbourne Fashion Week” DJ set, Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne

2017             “Supersense Festival” performance with Felicia Atkinson, Autumn Royal, The Arts Centre, Melbourne

2017             “Perfume” noise performance with Croatian Amor and HELM, The Tote, Melbourne

2017            “Perfume” noise performance curated by Paradise Daily, Romance in Paradise Festival, Sydney

2017            “Perfume” album launch with Paradise Daily, MPavilion, Melbourne

2017            “Glass Braid” album launch with Vienna Press, Polyester Records, Melbourne

2017             “Glass Braid” solo performance curated by M. P. Hopkins, Dane’s Magic Tricks, Melbourne

2017             “Glass Braid” solo performance with Carla Dal Forno, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne

2016            “Androgynous Music for Androgynous People” DJ set, MPavilion, Melbourne

2016             “Literary Noise” solo performance, MPavilion, Melbourne

2016            “Poetry & Noise” solo performance co-curated with Autumn Royal, Westspace, Melbourne

2016             “Perfume” noise performance curated by Del Lumanta, Double Vision, Verge Gallery, Sydney

2016            “Glass Braid” solo performance, Punk Café, Melbourne

2016            “Glass Braid” solo performance, Longplay, Melbourne

2016             “Perfume” noise performance, Hugs & Kisses, Melbourne

2016            “Glass Braid” solo performance curated by Altered States Tapes, Tape Projects, Melbourne

2016            “MSYNC” DJ set with HTRK, MPavilion, Melbourne

2016            “Arms In Twilight” DJ set with LAKES, The Tote, Melbourne

2015            “Manifesto” DJ set, ACMI, Melbourne

2015            “Invisible Hands Make Light Work Consortium” DJ set, MPavilion

2015            “Rose Pill” solo performance curated by Nathan Gray, RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne

2015            “Island Salon” DJ set, Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Selected Exhibitions

2020            14 Gestures, online viewing room, 14gestures.com, Melbourne

2018            Beauty Data Pollution, live performance to a film by UMMMI, Berry, Tokyo

2018            XYL, long-form broadcast for sound walk curated by Phillipa Stafford & Julia Drouhin, MONA, Tasmania

2017            Inside, solo performance installation curated by Rafaela Pandolfini & M.P. Hopkins, Paddington Town Hall, Sydney

Curatorial Projects

2016             Literary Noise Performance Program                                  MPavilion, Melbourne

2016            Poetry & Noise (co-curated with Autumn Royal)             Westspace, Melbourne


2020            Collagen, audio-visual composition, Disclaimer Journal (Liquid Architecture), Melbourne

2020            Music For Three Combs, booklet of graphic scores, Shelter Press, France


2005            Bachelor of Fine Arts, Queensland University of Technology

2015            Graduate Diploma of Performing Arts, Victorian College of the Arts