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︎ Pauline Oliveros

Lisa Lerkenfeldt is an Australian multi-disciplinary artist and producer working in sound, gesture and performance. Her practice takes two paths: negotiating an intimacy with technology; and renewing human connection with the natural environment. Drawing from an extensive personal archive of field recordings, electronics and object-based actions, she has published and performed within an international ecology of experimental music including alliances with Vienna Press, Shelter Press, Aught/Void, Longform Editions and Archaic Vaults.

Three new releases surfaced in 2020; ‘A Liquor Of Daisies’ (Shelter Press), an endless tape from isolation, ‘Collagen’ (Shelter Press), her debut LP and scorebook, and ‘A Garden Dissolves Into Black Silk’ (Archaic Vaults), a durational experiment in magnetic tape erosion and interspecies listening. Each reveal a dedication to analogue manipulations, field work, the cinematic and long form minimal composition.