Lisa Lerkenfeldt is an Australian composer, recording and performing and artist. She explores minimalist structures with stillness and intensity. Her imaginative process is poetic and precise; distilling new registers in the field of consciousness through electroacoustic composition, like a torchlight in the dark.

Alongside classical instrumentation, she augments abandoned technologies into new hybrid forms through handcraft, digitisation and experimental digital processing. Flickering piano, tape systems, and their spatialised distortions unfold in repetitive motifs. Multilayered acoustic refractions invite perceptual shifts over durational encounters.

Drawing from lineages of musique concrète, American minimalism and modern music, she seeks out altered tonalities with contemporary resonance and the beauty of restraint. Her trance-like attention to detail and explorations in harmonics, timbre and improvisation inform a diary-like intimacy.

Gently balancing feedback, modern classical instrumentation, and multi-player arrangement, she has performed her extended works with hybrid ensembles, augmented reality specialists, in collaboration with visual artists and filmmakers in Australia and Japan. 

Her debut LP Collagen was released on Shelter Press in 2020. In 2021 her EP A Liquor Of Daisies premiered at Melbourne Music Week, alongside its reissue. With Water Up To Her Knees—a new electroacoustic work and film—premiered at eminent electronic arts centre The Substation in November 2022. Her sophomore album, ‘Halos of Perception’ releases on November 3, 2023 alongside a new collaboration with Malaysian-Australian video artist Tristan Jalleh.

Lisa Lerkenfeldt by Traianos Pakioufakis