Lisa Lerkenfeldt is an Australian composer and performer. Her endless piano and tape loop variations dissolve time through collages of decayed ambience, analogue manipulation and cyclic structure. Informed by patience and a tactile elegance, Lerkenfeldt has been working with extended durations and electroacoustic techniques since her debut A Liquor Of Daisies on Shelter Press in 2020.

Refining her language of abstraction over physical editions her catalogue includes; A Liquor Of Daisies (EP), Collagen (LP), A Garden Dissolves Into Black Silk (EP), Shell Of A City (EP), With Water Up To Her Knees (Single), Halos of Perception (LP) and Suite For The Drains (EP). 

Lerkenfeldt has performed her extended works at institutions, museums and festivals in Australia and Japan including Art Gallery Of New South Wales, Performance Space, Institute of Modern Art, Ian Potter Museum Of Art, The Substation, The Arts Centre, Liquid Architecture, MPavilion, Australian Centre For Moving Image, Melbourne Music Week and Melbourne Fashion Week. 

Following a residency at Groupe de Recherches Musicales (INAGRM) in Paris, she makes her European live debut in Summer 2024 with support from Ian Potter Cultural Trust.