Lisa Lerkenfeldt is an Australian composer and performer. Her work alters time with a "radical softness" (Boomkat). Lerkenfeldt's imaginative process is poetic and precise; distilling new registers in the field of consciousness through electroacoustic composition, like a torchlight in the dark.

Through a minimal vocabulary of timbre, duration, electroacoustic technique and modern classical instrumentation she has recently released on Bartolomé Sanson & Félicia Atkinson’s Shelter Press (FR); Flora Yin Wong’s Doyenne Books (UK) and Lawrence English’s Room40 (AU).

Refining her language of abstraction over physical editions her catalogue includes; A Liquor Of Daisies (EP), Collagen (LP), A Garden Dissolves Into Black Silk (EP), Shell Of A City (EP), With Water Up To Her Knees (Single) and Halos of Perception (LP). 

Lerkenfeldt has performed her extended works at institutions, museums and festivals in Australia and Japan including Art Gallery Of New South Wales, Performance Space, Institute of Modern Art, Ian Potter Museum Of Art, The Substation, The Arts Centre, Liquid Architecture, MPavilion, Australian Centre For Moving Image, Melbourne Music Week and Melbourne Fashion Week. 

Alongside presentations of electroacoustic and minimal composition she is also noted for her collaborations with multimedia artists and ensembles to collapse boundaries and hybridise forms. Recent projects include A Liquor Of Daisies, an interactive augmented reality tour with visual artist Stephanie Overs and With Water Up To Her Knees, an ensemble performance at eminent electronic arts centre The Substation, Melbourne.

Lerkenfeldt’s sophomore LP Halos of Perception was released on Shelter Press in November 2023. This study in classical dynamics, acoustic mirrors and transportive timbres was accompanied by a hyperreal film collaboration with Chinese-Malaysian Australian video artist Tristan Jalleh. 


“An ivory hued fever dream.” - Boomkat

“A swoon-worthy string quartet caught in a storm.” - Self Centered

“An intriguingly ambivalent exercise in abstraction.” - The Wire

“Equally calming and disturbing.” - Bandcamp Daily

“A sensationally blurred session. Highly recommended if you’re into anything from Ryuichi Sakamoto's gently glitched piano recitals to Erik Satie, The Caretaker, or Laurel Halo’s most recent piano abstractions.” - Boomkat

“Six surreal post-classical songs that evoke scenes from daily life through introspective musique concrète and highly abstract compositions.” - Kankyō Records

“Beautifully poised return from Lisa Lerkenfeldt with this six song suite reflecting on space, time and identity. Utilising piano, cello and a significant amount of tape delay, Lerkenfeldt moves away from the more drone-informed work of her previous record, Collagen, towards the decayed ambience of early Markus Popp/Oval/Alvo Noto et al and the general aesthetic universe of Mille Plateaux - indeed, album centrepiece, 'The painted room', could have easily found a way on to the seminal Clicks and Cuts compilation series.” - World of Echo

“Fantastic, aesthetic and immersive content. This year’s best daydream ambient/modern classical masterpiece.” - Meditations