Suite For The Drains, Remixes & Variations, 2024

“Assembled from her regular diaristic piano sketches, she knows how to record a piano so pristinely that you can practically feel the texture of the keys as you listen. Lerkenfeldt's music can feel like the most plangent piano chords from all the most beautiful deep house songs in history, left to flood and decompose.” - Resident Advisor


Halos Of Perception, Shelter Press, 2023

“A sensationally blurred session. Highly recommended if you’re into anything from Ryuichi Sakamoto's gently glitched piano recitals to Erik Satie, The Caretaker, or Laurel Halo’s most recent piano abstractions.” - Boomkat


Shell Of A City, Room 40, 2023

“The composition seems to melt time itself.” - Boomkat

“Unmasks our built environment as an alien world.” - Bandcamp Daily


With Water Up To Her Knees, Shelter Press, 2022

“Divine solo piano vignettes by Lisa Lerkenfeldt, drifting from lucidity to eyes-shut lushness on a follow-up to her 2020 releases for the ever reliable Shelter Press.“ - Boomkat


Collagen, Shelter Press, 2020

“A rocket ship leaving the station on national TV. Flames licking the side of a wind tunnel. A symphonic video game soundtrack. And our personal favorite: a swoon-worthy string quartet caught in a storm, as “Champagne Smoke” fades to black and we’re left waiting for an encore that’ll never come.“ - Self-Centered


A Liquor Of Daisies, Shelter Press, 2020

“An ivory hued fever dream.” - Boomkat



Listening Room