Halos of Perception

‘Halos of Perception’
releases on November 3, 2023 on Shelter Press with a hyperreal film in collaboration with Chinese-Malaysian Australian video artist Tristan Jalleh. A study in classical dynamics, acoustic mirrors and transportive timbres. Drawing from Lerkenfeldt’s field work and electroacoustic practices, piano, cello and tape loop arrangements light up lost chambers and underground histories in a patchwork of reflective musique concrète, instrumental composition and surreal cinema. The artist’s sophomore album spotlights underground networks opening questions of reality, virtuality and perception through oral traditions, post-minimal composition and diary-like vignettes.

Listen to the first two extracts, ‘Stairway To The Interior’ and ‘Amulet of Sweat’ here.

For piano, cello and tape:

Halos of perception ripple in a black temporary lake.
Senses are alight in total darkness.
Under torchlight I see a white spider build a web in wet glitter.
Traffic becomes a tactile instrument ringing through 300km of tunnels to where I am.
When we speak it reverberates for 32 seconds.
You tell me stories from 1991.
Every moment is extended when under the damp earth.
Even the walls have a voice.
An amulet of sweat forms on my neck.

Music and poem Lisa Lerkenfeldt
Mastering Stephan Mathieu  
Artwork André Piguet courtesy of Station Gallery  
Design Bartolomé Sanson
VFX Tristan Jalleh

Halos of Perception is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria